Our particular research interests focus primarily on areas impacted by anthropogenic development and its influence on avian community structure in Costa Rica.  Cities represent severe disturbances to many species, novel habitats to others, and suitable places to thrive for some.  We’re curious how increasing levels of concrete, asphalt, and our own presence filter out most of the native species while inviting others.  

As educators we’re also intrigued by the indirect impacts that anthropogenic development has on nature education.  With the majority of our global population already living in cities (and more on the way), we are concerned about the loss of experiential interactions with nature to increasing numbers of students, and what this might mean for conservation. To this end we’re very excited about our recent development of an inquiry based, rainforest research experience for children and adolescents.  Contact us if you would like this experience for your students.

Also contact us about possible collaborations or if you know of grad students looking for a local advisor … and for a wide range of taxa.  While most of our experience is with birds, our same questions and interests could easily be applied to many other groups as well.

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